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The Snyder Cut was fine. A huge improvement over the original? Absolutely. Still trying to do the work of four separate movies? Yep.

The DCEU simply wasn’t ready for the Justice League, and no amount of editing and reshoots can change that – half of the members hadn’t even been introduced prior to this movie, which was always going to be a problem. Snyder’s four-hour cut certainly does more to establish these characters than the 2017 version did, but it’s still not enough.

That said, there’s a COVID-shaped hole in the media landscape lately, so I was glad to have something new(-ish) to watch. It may not have been amazing, but it was entertaining enough (and unlike the 2017 version, largely made sense).

I do really hope DC can get its act together soon; these are some of the most beloved characters of all time, and DC has largely been blowing it, with rare exceptions.

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