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Owning My Writing in 2018

I’ve always enjoyed writing. While I wouldn’t say I’m a particularly great writer, I enjoy it nonetheless. But when I graduated from college eight years ago, I largely stopped — at the time, the only topic I really wrote about was programming, and my newfound employment meant that the projects I was working on couldn’t be discussed publicly.

Things have changed quite a bit since then. I’m now a Real Adult™, insofar as such a thing actually exists, with a whole slew of different things going on — over the last few years, I became a homeowner, got married, and most recently became a father, just to name a few. These life changes have given me plenty to think and write about, and I’ve recently caught the bug to start doing so.

So I’ve set this blog up as an experiment to that end, and also as a way to start owning the types of content which I already post to social media (links and political rants, mostly).