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    It’s like there’s a car crash ahead, and I know it’s going to be bad, but I have to look anyway…

  2. Free Disneyland food idea: Un Poco Loco Moco. Coco-themed, with Mexican flavors in place of the traditional Hawaiian ones (use Spanish rice, replace the gravy with salsa verde, etc).

    Call me, Disney; I’ve got no shortage of food/movie puns for you!

  3. We’re staying in a hotel tonight, to make the drive home from Apple Hill more manageable for our 9-month-old. It’s her first hotel stay (all past trips have been AirBNB), and never before has someone been so excited about a Courtyard Marriott!

  4. It (2017)

    Finally got a chance to catch last year’s adaptation of It. What a great time — the whole cast does a great job (though a few of them didn’t have quite enough to do), and the pacing did a great job of building tension. I can’t wait for Chapter Two next year.